Monday, 25 October 2010

....surely its too cold for cycling?

Despite my promise, its been a couple of weeks since my last post- not because i've given up on the idea of completing the Lejog, but simply because life has once again interferred with my overambitious plan for uninterupted exercise.

The reality of balancing getting ready with the normal routine of being available for children and the earning of money has finally dawned on me. The recycling project continues to grow and demand more of my time, despite the change in weather there has been little reduction in the number of bikes requested although we have seen more childrens bikes being requested- i'm assuming for christmas- so far we've managed to meet the demand for bikes with the bikes donated but are hoping for more childrens bikes in the next few weeks to pass onto various projects across the city. This week has seen the start of advent and with it has come a steady stream of running from nativity play to choir practice and onto christingle service, just a visit to the cathedral to go and then hopefully they'll be a little time left for christmad shopping and then possibly a little bit of cycling.

The ice and snow this week gave me an excuse to spend a little more time in the garage fixing up the bike for winter training and possibly for the eventual journey. Winterising my bike so far has consisted of the usual bike checks plus the addition of some little mudguards, some bright lights and some nobblier tyres, its still quite comfortable and reasonably light.

To be honest,when I think back my first two weeks of planning and exercise (despite all warnings) led me to overdo everything and left me feeling exhausted and deflated. Fortunately one thing I have managed to get right is leaving enough time to properly prepare, so despite my initial overexhuberance I should still be on course to be ready for the summer.

Take care for now, happy christmas planning!

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