Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A weekend spent in the woods

This weekend was spent exploring the woodland and cycle paths in and around the Binley Woods/ Brandon area. Only a short ride from the city centre are some fantastic rides through mixed woodland, some easy trails and uniquely a dirt track shared by a mixture of BMX-ers and off road bikers ( of the pedal powered variety). Its not as rugged as some further afield destinations and its shared usage, so not exclusively for the use of off road cyclists- but i've been exploring it for a couple of years now and still find something to enjoy. It has some tricky bits but this weekend I was on a homemade low geared, single speed MTB and (apart from my own aching knee's) it managed it without too many complaints.

Part of my ride around Brandon, Wolston and Brinklow took in what's known locally as the '12 o'clock ride' (its a googlable route), which is a bridleway which leads directly from Brandon to the gates of Coombe Abbey and Brinklow Rd. It forms a part of a 12 mile route which I quite often see people attempting at the weekends although I prefer a more meandering approach to my weekend rides.

If you're interested in popping down to have a look you can find a fantastic guide and pictures to what you can hope to see when you come on the walking blog 'To the hills'

I'm always amazed as what's available locally that most of us have never heard of- You can find a few more rides around warwickshire area here.


  1. Thanks for the link to my walks diary "tothehills" ... much appreciated.

  2. No worries, i've really enjoyed your blog, some of the pictures are fantastic

    mnat thanks