Monday, 17 October 2011

Finding my lost bicycle

Over a year and a half ago I lost my bicycle. For reasons that I still don't fully understand I managed to completely forget where I had left it, no matter how hard I tried to remember. Anyway, last week (and very much out of the blue) I suddenly remembered where I thought it might be,so onto a bike I jumped and away I went to see if it was still there....this is what i found

Amazingly still locked up to the bike rack where it had been left, a little worse for wear with flat tires, rusty wheels, leaves in the basket and cobwebs on the handlebars...but still there! It was such a relief to finally find it, it isn't an expensive bike or particularly pretty but it rides beautifully which is why I had used it every single day. The only slight problem I have now is that after 18 months I no longer seem to have to key to the D lock I secured it although I've pumped up the tyres, cleaned and oiled the moment its still locked to the same railing until I can either find the key or cut through the lock...any ideas much appreciated.


  1. Don't these d locks just open with bic pens?

  2. Usually they do and I did try, but I think that its stood for so long that the lock is a bit seized....looks like its back to plan B- the angle grinder!