Monday, 14 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday

(Copyright Ian Britton 2011)

A trip to London yesterday meant that I spent much of my day surrounded by the servicemen and women who had made the trip down to London to mark another remembrance sunday in the capitol. Even in the current climate where there is a growing conversation about the legitimacy of armed conflict, it was hard not to reflect on the life changing decisions that others had made in order that I can continue to live my life as freely as I do. Last summer, after spending some time talking with Alec Wagstaff, I did have a look at the role of the cyclist in the world wars- if you're interested you can follow the links to find out a little more information about the Army Cyclists Corp and the Bicycle Infantry.

Interestingly Meriden (which is only a shortish cycle ride from central Coventry) has at its centre the only memorial that I know of dedicated entirely to those that served as cyclists during both world wars- you can see a short (and old) film about it here

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