Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sun Supalite

Living in the midlands means that I'm always stumbling on really nice local bikes, i'm never going to see all of them but those that I do I try to take a few pictures of. This is my Sun Supalite, which until recently I was riding around the lanes of rugby on and sadly has now found a new home.

Based in Birmingham, Sun were (along with many other manufacturers) absorbed by Raleigh in the 1960's- this marked the decline of Sun. Fortunately the Supalite was built shortly before this so still had the feel of a quality cycle. You can find out more about them here


Showing off its Birmingham badge and its Cyclo gear shifter.

 The frame came with lovely hand painted lugwork, alloy mudguards and originally chrome tipped forks.

Stripped down prior to its rebuild.

If  you have a Sun or know anything more about them I'd love to hear from you.

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