Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bikes I wish i'd never sold

Over the years I think I've probably had just about every kind of bike, I've been lucky enough to have had most of the bikes that I'd have ever want to have ridden. Unfortunately I've not always been able to hang on to the bikes that I've bought, usually due to poverty or arrival of Christmas. At one point I had been due to move away and sold the bikes I couldn't justify taking with me...only for the 'Big move' to fall apart at the last minute leaving me with no new adventure and a greatly diminished bike collection. I guess this must be my top 5 bikes that I wish I still had and am unlikely to see again

This was my Sun Supalite, made in Birmingham prior to Raleigh taking it over and ruining it. Not sure of what it was made of but nice and light. Bluemels mudguards, brooks saddle, 5 speed. I still have the wheels and am currently using them on my John Atkins.

I can't even find a proper picture of this bike- I only have this picture taken just after the previous owner had pulled it out of his dad's garage to sell it.

Made (or sold by) 'Two Wheels Good', a bike shop (now closed) up north somewhere (Leeds?) I think. Came with a 531 frame and reasonable bits and bobs- this bike took me to uni and back for 3 years without a whimper.

This is a brillant piece of kit which I bought when I was commuting  alot- its a Rudge Bi-frame. Definitely one of the best full sized folding bikes i've ever ridden. Made under licence from Montague
who I think make bikes for the US military, so proven technology.

(copyright Adhiyara)

15 years ago old Moultons didn't seem to command the massive prices that they do now, I never really understood why at time because they are fantastic.

I managed to buy a Moulton Speed and a Moulton Standard for £30 from a guy locally who was clearing out his garage. Brilliant in the city, good for carrying loads of stuff (I moved house with mine) and fast. They've chalked up countless records and achievements- have a look here.

Everyone should own a Pashley at least once. There is nothing quite like riding a Pashley, always comfortable, endlessly reliable and easy to fix.

 I managed to pick up this retired Royal Mail Pashley for £26 in a bit of a sorry state. After a day of cleaning, oiling and puncture fixing it was back on the road again. You can carry a huge amount of stuff on these- I used to use mine to take parcels to the post office once a week- stacked so high that I'd just be able to see over the basket at the front.

Writing this has reminded me of all the other bikes that I wish I'd kept, Tandems, Bromptons, cool MTB's, choppers, racers and the odd 80's BMX. I suppose the reality is though, that if I had kept them I'd be very short of space and probably very lonely because my family certainly wouldn't want to live with them!

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