Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tools you can make...

Like most cyclists, I've a growing collection of tools- some useful, some not, some that rarely get used and others that never seem to leave my hand.

The best of these is my chain retainer- which I use when taking the chain off and stops the chain from springing back when you pop the rivit out with your chain-breaker. It was completely free and made out of an old spoke- why not make your own...here's how

Find a spare spoke and a pair of sturdy pliers

Snip off the end and then bend the spoke, using the pliers into this (look left!) shape. Once you've done this, do the same at the other end. Make sure you tidy up the ends 'cause they'll be a bit sharp.

Thats it, all finished- all you need now is a reason to take your chain off! Enjoy!


  1. With a few more bends, I believe it would make for a nice third-hand tool, for adjusting brakes. Thanks for the inspiration. =)

  2. Hi John

    thanks for the comment and the thought- I have tried to make myself a third hand with the spokes but havent managed to make one which is stong enough to hold the brake in place...I think the spokes are slightly too thin...it'd be great to hear how you get on

  3. Tried my hand at the task, first one was as you suggested too weak and shot across the garage at a high rate of speed as soon as I released it. Tried a second spoke figure a second coil in the mid area would isolate the flexing and it did, somewhat, but not enough. So i used up my only two old spokes from a 24inch rim, perhaps next attempts will be with an old coathanger since the length of these spokes were a bit short. Trying to model it after a timberline bike brake clamp as seen on Ebay. =)