Tuesday, 28 September 2010

..what to do first?

Having not done the Lejog before and with a mountain of planning, organisation and sourcing to do its really hard to decide what to do first. What i'm beginning to realise is that something which can feel like a very personal and momentous feat, is something that is completed by thousands of people each year, on every manner of transport, both quickly and slowly. What I'm also beginning to understand is that 1000ish miles is a bit of an abtract thing- unless you actually sit down with a map and calculate how far places are, its hard to understand the reality of the distances involved.

Yesterday I read all about how Eileen Sheridan (apparently a coventry cyclist) completed the whole journey in just under 2 1/2 days in 1954, makes my 20 day journey seem leisurely! There are thousands of accounts which spring up as soon as you type 'Lejog' into google. Most of these are helpful and full of useful information- a good one is PedalPower Adventures which details an amazing journey, but I think my favorites so far are George and Bens account of them 'borrowing' their way across the UK and the Jogglefool blog which was one of the most honest and funny accounts that I have read so far- have a read you'll laugh- I promise!

This first week has mainly involved planning my training routes, alongside impulse buying of 'essential' Lejog goods. So far my Lejog kit has extended to include a pannier set, a cycle computer and a very fetching T-Shirt (free from vistaprint) emblazoned with 'Coventry recycled Cycles- Lejog 2011'- so there's no backing out now, i have the t-shirt....and incidentally the mug (which was also free!).

I still haven't picked a bike to go on yet, I can't afford and don't want a new one, i'm hoping my John Atkins will make it with a service and a prayer, its a little battered and tired, but then so am I! The training proper starts tomorrow, so if i'm still conscious when i get back i'll let you know how it went.


  1. Don't forget to add some Vaseline to your kit!

  2. ....sticking it on the list...1000 miles of chaffing...yey! x