Saturday, 9 October 2010

...I'm sure I used to be fitter!

Thought i'd start of today with a picture of my kit, all very exciting- particularly my tiny tent my bargain £7 trangia set and my amazing spork!....but am beginning to worry about where i'm going to put it all...I may have devised a solution...but more about that later....

Well, the training has started, its started very slowly but it has started. Over the next few months i'll be building up to completing my two proper training routes several times a week- so far i've planned a Rugby and a Coventry jaunt.

This is the Coventry route: So from binley woods cycling into Coventry along the binley rd, into the city centre past the memorial park towards Kenilworth, along the kenilworth rd into Kenilworth...i'm thinking that at this point a short cake stop might be called for.....then back on the bike and off past Mike Vaughan's bike shop and through Kenilworth town towards Leamington....just before Leamington town centre I turn off and head towards Princethorpe (which i think is the longest part of the journey) from there it a trip along the fosseway back towards Wolston, from beautiful Woston its a short peddle up the brandon hill and home again!

Bike route 715975 - powered by Bikemap

...and this is the Rugby route.

I'm less familiar with the Rugby route, once some time ago I foolishly agreed to accompany my son to school on his bike for a meeting with the headmaster- in the short few miles it took to get there i nearly died, several times as a result of over eager car drivers but mostly as a result of the seemingly never ending hills..i can't remember much of the meeting, all I do remember was the sound of my (obviously unfit) heart beating in my head and the slow cycle ride back home again!

So anyway, not deterred by that experience i'm following the same route towards rugby town centre, from rugby i head off towards dunchurch following a lovely route which runs out towards Draycote water, then its through Kites Hardwick and down towards Southam. From southam i head once again towards Princethorpe, once in Princethorpe i then follw the same route towards Wolston, through Brandon and back home again...hopefully alive and in one piece!

Bike route 715981 - powered by Bikemap

On paper Coventry looks to be the better ride...less hills, nicer roads, familiar territory and a little shorter!....but i'm a long way from 25+ mile daily journey's yet. Over the last few days i've been cycling short trips out, it amazing how quickly fitness disappears and how hard it is to regain what you've lost, so lots of shaking legs and burning lungs at the moment!

So anyway....back to the solution to all my pack carrying needs....I've been scratching my head trying to decide on which bike to take and how to carry all the bits i'll need- as i'm not staying in B&B's or having my luggage carried i'm going to have to economical with what i take and decide on the best way of carrying it all. So far its either on the john atkins with a trailer, with panniers .......or on my cargo bike that i've been putting together

Its a bit like an xtra cycle without the expense and made from stuff lying around the garage, I saw a picture of one somewhere- if i find the link i'll post it. I have to admit, it looks a bit weird but it works really well and is at lot easier than pulling a trailer, not sure i want to trial a DIY bike across the country though!

Hoping to start going to see people and talk about the journey soon, more cycling this week, i'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Ahhh a Trangia, you'll be needing a Swiss army knife to go with that. I remember how useful that was at Glastonbury... NOT! Is there anybody in the Swiss army who knows how to work this tin opener lol. Did fix my specs though.

  2. I suggested the Spork to Lisa! I'm so proud!! x