Sunday, 26 June 2011

A fantastic day at the Green Fayre

Well it was a windy, wet and early start for me and the guys organising the Green Fayre, 7.30am standing in an empty bit of the Memorial park with nothing but a pile of unbuilt stalls and a hoard of 'boot camp' fitness folk to keep us company. The Fayre was in a fantastic position this year and it didn't take long for things to take shape.

As soon as the stalls went up, people starting arriving, the music and food marque appeared and in the blink of an eye all was ready and waiting.

From 11am onwards there was a steady stream of new people, i'm not sure how many people attended in the end, but it was constantly busy.

It was lovely to see so many people, parent and children cycling to the Fayre- encouraged somewhat by the presence of Dr Bike and the free bike checks.

I did manage to spot this lovely tandem at Fayre, a handbuilt bromwich adapted at the back for a little one

There's a definite feel of the Glastonbury green fields of old at the Green Fayre, it's really relaxed and inoffensive, which is a welcome relief. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the event, there was some great music, fab food and I had some great conversations with many truly interesting people...roll on 2012!

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