Friday, 24 June 2011

Glad i'm not at glastonbury?

Can't believe its Glastonbury again, another year gone by and another summer just beginning. This year I've done the sensible thing and stayed at home, not only did i save myself the £200 it would cost to get in, i've avoided the festering pools of mud, half eaten kebabs, beer cans and thankfully there's no fear of drunken folk crashing through my home and landing on my bed this weekend...That said, i'm still tuning into the coverage, having a sneaky peaky at what i'm missing- BB King's just finished a stonking set that would have made my weekend......who am I kidding- even in its modern beer fueled form i'd love to be there, if only to hang out in the green field and once again hear the wonderful sound of the Wandering Ska Solar Powered Sound System

Anyway found out these great bike hack pics from my last venture to the festival, its amazing how many uses the bicycle can have when you're not allowed to bring a generator

Brilliant free phone charging. There was a whole rank of these, 20 mins of cycling equated to about a bar of charge on your phone- you can find the instructions on how to make your own here.

Found this guy working away in the green field, living out of his van and working off this homemade, pedal powered grinder/ polisher to make jewellery, fantastic.

Green Fayre tomorrow- looks like the glasto weather has settled over coventry, but don't let that put you off don your wellies and get down to memorial park for a look.

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