Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stopping the poop

For the last few months my dog (Woody) and I have had a tussle for ownership of the vegetable patch.

He clearly thinks that as the ground has been lovingly dug, that it has been prepared for him to use as a toilet. Each day he removes the few brave seedlings, tramples the strawberry plants and carefully deposits poo where my vegetables should be . Today (when I once again caught him on the return journey) I decided that it was time to fix the problem. I did consider a number of solutions (some of which would have proved uncomfortable for for pooch) but finally settled on this, a bicycle wheel fence. Made of nothing more than old wheels, hazel rods and old inner tubes for ties.

So now that pile of buckled wheels that I didn't want to throw away will be looking after the raspberries, strawberries and nasturtiums, yum!


  1. I am writing a book about fences and would like to include your bicycle fence image in it. Full credit will of course b e given. Thank you for your consideration of this request. Best, Val Little

  2. Hi Val

    Thats fine, would love to see the book when its done

    take care