Monday, 18 July 2011

How to make a quick single speed (Part 2)

I'm not exactly a fair weather cyclist, but the weather yesterday scuppered my plans for a trip out- there's something about dark skies and driving rain that makes me want to lock myself away somewhere warm....and preferably dry.

Anyway, with a little time on my hands I thought I'd carry on the single speed MTB conversion- so if you've followed Part 1 you'll now have a bare frame, a pile of bits and will be ready to start converting your wheel.

For the next bit you'll need the following: A set of suitable wheels, a spare BMX style wheel, a adjustable spanner, a cassette removal tool, a centre punch and a hammer. Once again you can pick up the cassette tool from Halfords for around £5- there is no sensible or cheaper alternative. I'm sure there is a proper tool to remove the BMX freewheel, but for this project its unnecessary.

Okay first you need to remove the BMX freewheel. Firstly brace the wheel with the freewheel on the right. You will notice two small indentations on the hub- position one of these at about 11 O'Clock place the centre punch in and give it a tap with the hammer (anti-clockwise)- with very little effort you will feel it come free.

Continue to turn it anti-clockwise until it comes off.

On the larger wheel you'll need to remove the rear cassette to make room for your new freewheel so insert your cassette remover, once again brace the wheel and with the aid of your spanner turn the cassette removal tool anti-clockwise.

Sometimes this takes a bit of perspiration, but it will come free- once it does continue to turn the cassette anti clockwise until it comes off in your hand.

To make your MTB rear wheel single speed you'll now need to put the BMX freewheel onto your empty MTB wheel hub.

Be very careful to make sure the freewheel engages with the threads of the wheel hub- usually you will sense if its not going on right. If you're worried take it off, check the threads and start again.

Finally you'll be left with another pile of un-needed bits and pieces and a converted rear wheel.

Once again i've ran out of time, but check for easy Part 3 where I (hopefully) put it all back together again.

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