Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hurray for the holidays!

I'm so very excited! Its the beginning of six weeks of explorations and adventures with the kiddies....although in all honesty they're all bigger than me now and probably not as excited as I am, I still can't wait to find out what this summer will bring.

We've already taken the tandem out to Coombe for the obligatory chips at the cafe and are already planning a couple of local cycle camps and a few days out.

Most of these will only be little jaunts but I love camping, even if its only in the back garden pitched up in my tiny tent on whats left of our lawn ( we dug most of it up last year for vegetables)

Next week we're hoping to cycle over to Stratford and will probably stay for the night in Bidford at the back of the aptly named 'Cottage of Content'. There's some lovely places to stay locally- in a tent its usually only around £10 for the night, an absolute bargain- you can find a few more places to stop here.

Later in the summer we'll be off to Dorset for the annual dip in the sea, i'm still trying to decide whether to cycle down this year, but if not i'll be taking something folding so that I can have a little explore of the coast road between beautiful Charmouth and Weymouth- more of that when it happens.

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