Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lovely old Triumph 'Sports'

I recently acquired this lovely Triumph and am scratching my head thinking about what to do with it next. It works as well today as the day (i'm guessing) that it was made so mechanically there's not much to do other than a little fettling- cosmetically it shows its history in the various additions, scratches, dents and Heath Robinson adjustments. I reckon it'd be a shame to do any more than simply oiling the frame and checking the brakes

Its a standard 3 speed Sturmey Archer with the original 48t Triumph chainset

 It still has many of the bits and pieces that came with it, original grips, dynamo lighting and a big old bell. I think descibing it as 'sporty' might be going a bit far, it weighs a fair bit but surprisingly you don't really notice it when you're trundling along.

Anyone else got one? 

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